Thursday, June 12, 2008


This is a sort of add-on to the previous post. While I was thinking about this recipe today, I was thinking about different ways that you could personalize to fit your tastes. One example, if you're not a big cheddar fan, you could switch up the cheeses to suit your fancy; you could use goulda or fontina or mozerella, whatever you like. Also, throw some other yummy stuff in there, like maybe bacon or pancetta or some pretty vegetables, like peas or roasted red pepper. Really, the possibilities are endless.
Also, something that might make this recipe a little more friendly for only a couple of people, dish it into an buttered individual ramekin. You'll probably have to change the baking time; I'm not really sure what it would be, but I would definitely keep on eye on it.
So, get your creative streak going, and do something to individualize your mac and cheese.

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