Monday, June 2, 2008

Cafe Intermezzo

So this weekend, I got together with an old friend whom I've known my entire life, we grew up together, and went to lunch. We went to one of our favorite restaurants near her house called Cafe Intermezzo. It's not a very big place, but it's cute and charming. They've recently done some remodeling at this location, which is wonderful because we were able to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather and the cool shade. But what I love about this cafe is the wonderful food. They serve a wide variety of foods, everything from breakfast to dinner. They have a rather large beverage menu, but I must say that their hot chocolate is the best.
I was very happy with my Waldorf Chicken Salad Sandwich in honey wheat bread. It was absolutely delectable and very refreshing. And of course we couldn't skip out on dessert. :) They store all of their desserts in a cooler near the front of the cafe, so you can walk up, choose what you like and they bring it to you. I must confess I had a very hard time choosing something, but finely I was able to decide upon the Chocolate Pecan Torte. And it was to die for! It was was perfect for the afternoon and not too heavy. My friend had the Raspberry Linzer, which was also very good. (She let me steal a bite :) )
So take some time and go to a local cafe or restaurant with a good friend. Enjoy a glass of iced tea and definitely get dessert.

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