Friday, June 6, 2008

National Doughnut Day

To all pastry lovers out there (and policeman too), today is National Doughnut Day! Established in 1938, National Doughnut Day was assigned to be the first Friday of June and it's original purpose was to raise money for the "lassies" of the Salvation Army in WW1. It obviously not a really celebrate holiday so you should start; it's a good excuse to go get a doughnut. :)
Now for a little bit of history. It's thought that the doughnut was invented by Dutch settlers who brought it over to the United States, but there is some evidence that the Native Americans might have made pastries. Also, when it comes to doughnuts, there are many different kinds. Of course there's your normal doughnut and your jelly-filled, but there's also the Louisiana beignet or the Italian bombolini or one of my brother-in-law's absolute favorites: the paczki. The paczki is actually a very popular choice for Fat Tuesdays mostly in Chicago and Detroit.
So, take my advice and god get yourself a doughnut. Personally, my favorites are Krispy Kreme, which you can get in the grocery store, but they are the BEST if you go get them fresh and hot, right out of the kitchen. Happy Doughnut Day!

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