Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Angel Food Cake and Reading

I have this horrible habit of not blogging as often as I should. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am not the best writer in the world; I'm a science major for goodness' sake!

But to help with the update, I will do "double" update so to speak. First, on a book that I read recently and what I've been baking.

First, the book is called "Cooking and Screaming" by Adrienne Kane. It's a relatively short memoir that was very enjoyable. I wouldn't call it a difficult read, but it's definitely a page turner. It's about this young woman, Adrienne, who suffered a stroke at the age of 21, which was caused by an AVM, aterior-verous malformation, I believe. Essentially, it's a tangle of blood vessels in the brain, which ever now and then bursts. So, this memoir covers the attack of her stroke through therapy, recovering, and how she discovers her passion for cooking. Through her cooking, she is able to come to terms with her stroke and disability that results from it, and from it, she creates a successful catering business and becomes a food writer.

Overall, it's a very inspiring story, and I will be happily recommending it to all my friends. :)

Secondly, some things that I have been baking this summer: angel food cake. I had the privilege of living at my grandparents house for a couple of weeks this summer, and I had full access to their wonderful kitchen, as well as the job of planning and fixing all meals. Being Georgia and all, the peaches are absolutely delectible during the summer, and I wanted something light and yummy to accompany them. So, I baked an angel food cake. This cake is pretty simple to fix, and even better, it's lowfat! There are no egg yolks, no it's a great dessert if you're watching your waistline. :)

Here are two desserts that I fixed with angel food cake. First, is angel food cake with french vanilla ice cream and peaches and blackberries. Second, I tried to use up all of the egg yolks that I had by make a custard flavored with Chambourd and topped with raspberries. Both were very good and it was a nice summer treat!

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