Friday, August 21, 2009

Top Chef

Okay, so I'm a day or two late posting about Top Chef. So, shoot's been a busy week.

So, to begin, let's start with Top Chef Masters (even though it came on afterwards). Rick Bayless won!!! That makes me very happy because he earned it and he deserved it. I think I would have been happy if Hubert Keller has one too, but surprisingly, not so much Michael Chiarello. Either Bravo did a good job of making him look like a jerk or he is. Or maybe he's just extra competitive. Either way, I didn't really like him all that much over the all of the episodes.

So, yay for Rick Bayless! Now, I can go visit his restaurant in Chicago...and try to convince the sister and brother-in-law that they should come along..... :)

Okay, on to Top Chef:Las Vegas. I liked the quickfire challenge and the fact that they had the high stakes round. It was different. But of all things, it makes me happy to say that Jennifer Zavala went home. I don't really think her dish looked all that appetizing, and when a judge, especially someone like Wolfgan Puck, tells you that your food was not well made and didn't taste good, just shut up and take the hint. Don't stick your foot in your mouth and try to make excuses.

Also, very happy that Kevin won! First, he's from Atlanta (yay!) Two, despite the fact that there's only been one show, he's seems pretty down to earth. Not really someone who will take crap from anybody, but knows how to have a good time. I will definitely be rooting for Kevin and the other two Atlanta Chefs. And there's one from Michigan, so maybe I'll root for her too. :)

Next show: Wednesday, August 26th, 10 pm.

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