Friday, August 21, 2009

Julie and Julia, Part II

I'm sitting here, listening to the rain (and Jonas Brothers), eating my PB&J sandwich, and suddenly had an overwhelming desire to blog. Maybe it's because I just saw Julie and Julia. I went with my mother and sister, and absolutely adored it! I'm sorry that I was not able to see it sooner, but I'm very happy that I've seen it now. It reminds me, 1) how much I love to cook and bake and flip through cookbooks, 2) that there are other foodies out there like me :), and 3) how much I adore Meryl Streep (especially when she's playing Julia Child) and Amy Adams.

We are having a terrible thunderstorm, due to Tropical Storm Charlotte or something from Florida, and I don't think we've had a storm this bad in a ridiculously long time. I'm very happy to have made it home, which for some reason reminds me of something that I learned in Michigan. Northerners cannot, for the life of them, drive in rain.

So, you'll have to excuse me of my short ramble, but I got started on it because I was happy to be home, and then became so much more happy when I discovered that my mother has both Volume 1 and 2 of Mastering the Art of French Cooking!!!!!!!!! She has a large mass of everything you can possibly imagine in the basement (where her desk/dominion is) and it makes me so happy that she has it! I'm pretty sure I did a tiny happy dance when I discovered that she had the books and then grabbed then and dashed off when them with her laughing at my back.

So, back to where we began, sitting at the table with my PB&J, listening to the rain (and Owl City now), silenting rejoicing my good fortune. Sitting next to me are the famous copies of Julia's books, which have the incredible talent of making anyone feel inspired to cook. Unfortunately, I won't be cooking anything right now, as it's 10 o'clock at night, and I must get up early in the morning to help my father paint his office. But that will not stop my endeavors! In the near future, I will be fixing Beef Bouruignon, so look for the post.

I just wanted to share my good fortune. Go see the movie!

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Dana said...

Yes, a fun, inspirational movie!

Okay, now for Sunday's menu?