Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wedded Bliss

So, today I will be attending the wedding of a second cousin in Birmingham, AL. And while I, like most young women, tend to enjoy the wedding ceremony and everything, I don't really think it's my favorite part. My favorite part.......wait for, of course, the cake. Now, I have to say, a lot of the time, I'm kind of disappointed with cakes. You know how you see all of these wonderful, beautiful cakes on TV, but they cost thousands of dollars! I'm not going to be seeing anything like that at a friend's wedding! Especially when most of them are fresh out of college. So, that leaves me with something the normal Americans can actually afford.

Now, this is all good and well; I'm not trying to place any blame or anything, but like I said, most cakes disappoint me. I feel like too often I end up seeing a very traditional wedding cake, square or round, with multiple tiers with those plastic column-things holding up a tier with maybe a plastic couple on top. But really?!? Who wants that on their wedding day?!?! Plastic columns and a stuffy looking cake that really isn't all that appealing?!? Nope, not for me....

One day, I would love to see a cake that doesn't involved plastic things to hold it up. And maybe today, I'll be surprised, which would be absolutely wonderful. And I will definitely keep you up to date on what it looks like.....maybe I'll even get a picture. :)

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